BASICS and Essencing as a Positive Psychology Clinical Intervention

Zegers, H. & Verheyen, E. (2018). BASICS and Essencing as a Positive Psychology Clinical Intervention. Positive Clinical Psychology: An International Perspective. Issue 1, Fall 2018.

Abstract: Clients sometimes report having too many activities and/or too much ‘stuff.’ This problem is addressed in an intervention called ‘Essencing.’ Essencing is a concept that emerged from an international empirical research into experienced ‘voluntary simplifiers.’ As an intervention, Essencing has already been pilot tested in culturally diverse psychotherapy and counseling settings. In this article, we first succinctly describe its underlying BASICS Therapy model and its links with positive psychology. Then we give a short step-by-step description of the intervention. We conclude with a case study illustrating the practical use of the Essencing intervention. This intervention was a finalist in IPPA’s Clinical Division’s first Avant-garde Positive Psychology Clinical Interventions Competition at the fifth World Congress on Positive Psychology.