John Cage’s 4’33” on solo recorder

John Cage’s famous 4’33” piece on solo recorder. 3 Parts: I Tacet (on soprano recorder), II Tacet (on alto recorder), III Tacet (on soprano recorder). Performed in a public stairway with excellent acoustics for this instrument. Pedestrians may appear at any moment.

Love Me Tender on solo recorder

Solo recorder improvisation on “Love me Tender”. Playing up to 3 voices simultaneously (quasi-polyphony) in 3 variations by Hein Zegers. Song originally known as “Aura Lee” (1861), written by W.W. Fosdick & G.R. Poulton.

Maakt geld gelukkig?

Does money make you happy? “Ook getest op mensen”, a popular scientific program on the largest Belgian VRT television channel “één” has tested this with the help of well-being expert Hein Zegers. A dramatized version of an experiment by Jordi Quoidbach (Quoidbach et al., 2010).

Pluk Je Geluk

Regelmatig terugkerende presentaties door Hein Zegers voor groepen, scholen, organisaties en instellingen rond het CM project Pluk Je Geluk, ter bevordering van de geestelijke gezondheid.

Students of the International Positive Psychology Association

Co-Founder & first Executive Committee Member (Jan 2010-Jun 2012)

Hein Zegers has co-founded and served a full 2-year term as Executive Committee Member of SIPPA, the Student section of IPPA, the International Positive Psychology Association.
Main responsibilities: spreading the Science of Positive Psychology by setting up a world-wide network of local representatives & help recruiting over 1800 paying student members.